Tuesday, 16 June 2020


The Seal 
A seal is a only stays in cold area like north atlantic it stays a  little time on land it stays in chilly water and eats fish and     crustaceans 

It looks like a clean cute fluffy seal  

It lives at  North Atlantic

Polar bears,  Killer whales, Sharks and Walruses

Seals feed on fish and crustaceans redfish,krill, prawns,
eel, octopus

Life cycle 
About the seals  carboa  sphere affected weakness calculated

Interesting facts 
Harp seals can live for an estimated 30 years 

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Celebrating Samoan Language Week

Celebrating Samoan Language Week

Last week Saint PiusX School celebrated Samoan Language Week. We watched a movie about samoan people climbing trees to get coconuts, making fire with sticks so they can cook their food, and making sure that the rocks are just right so the food doesn't burn.  They don't use glad wrap or foil, they use leaves to wrap food like fish, taro and corned beef. 

Next movie was called the silent one. It was six episodes about a boy who is silent. Everyone thought that it wasn't going to rain if the silent one was there`but they were wrong.

The last thing was we had to practice a samoan dance.  We practiced with our teacher Mr Gaffney.  We all got split into groups, in our group we had only boys. When it was Friday we were ready to show our dancing to the school. I thought it was adults but it was children from downstairs only some adults came but not many of them. It was an awesome week.

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Pentecost Day

Pentecost Day 

1) Crowds of Jews were in Jerusalem to celebrate an ancient Jewish festival

2) the feast was called pentecost because it  also meant fifty days after passover 

3) The people came from all parts of the Roman empire.

4) the people thought the apostles had drunk too much wine.

5) the apostles  were filled with the Gift of the holy spirit 

6) The gifts of the holy spirit filled them with strength to carry on Jesus' work. 

Saturday, 16 May 2020

Daily 5 Literacy 13

The Daily Five Literacy
Date : Thursday 14 May
10 Minutes
Read to self
What book did you read?
Title & Author: Captain Underpants And The Perilous Plot Of Professor Poopypants. Written by Dav Pilkey

I read Chapters 1 - 4
20 minutes

Work on 
Click here for the writing prompts

One stormy night Jack's mother told Jack to go give some food to Grandma because she was not feeling well. Jack took the bag. Before you go beware of your steps, stay on this path, ok mother said Jack. He kissed his mum goodbye and started his journey through the dark woods. While he was in the woods a  hungry lion said morning boy. Jack said it back. The lion said what's in that bag. Jack opened the bag, inside was bread, honey and lots of other things.The lion licked his whiskers mmm said the lion. He told Jack to give a flower to the lion pointing at the roses. Okay said Jack and ran to get one. The lion ran to grandma's house. The lion tapped two times. Who is it? said grandma from her cosy bed. It's me Jack l have brought you a basket of food said the lion in a creaking voice. l am sick said the lion.   Open the latch and come in, grandma said. The lion came in and ate Grandma up. Then dressed up as Grandma. Then Jack came to the door. Who is it? Said the lion, it's me Jack. Come in and then she opened the door and then the lion jumped up and tried to eat Jack but the woodcutter came and put an axe in the lion's back. Then Jack remembered that to not talk to anyone he doesn't know. 
10 Minutes

Listen to Reading

Title of book: Chester's Way                      Author Kevin Henkes

What is the story about? OR What is your favorite part of the story?  

My favorite part of the story was when Chester had a new friend. 

Word Work

What are 5 new words that you hear or find today? Find their meaning

Beeology:: it's something you work on 

Miller:: it a man or a woman who makes flour 

Diffusion:: spreading something widely

Progeny:: a descendant or the descendants of a person, animal, or plant; offspring.

maternal::relating to a mother, especially during pregnancy or shortly after childbirth.
10 minutes

Read to Someone
What book did you read and Who did you read it to? Ask that person to give you feedback on how you read. (Reading Fluency)

I read Captain Underpants to my Aunty Miss Wylma. She said if I enjoyed the book and who was my favourite character. I enjoy the book because it is funny and my favourite characters are George and Harold.

Monday, 11 May 2020

Pentecost Day

Pentecost Day

WALT: Recall the people present at the First Pentecost
 Today for religious education my teacher asked the class to Match the sentences with the correct answers.   

  1. Mary was filled with the Holy Spirit at the birth of Jesus and at the birth of the church.

  1. Mary was the model of prayer of the followers of Jesus in the early church.

  1. Mary was a teacher, friend and advisor to the apostles and disciples.

  1. The Pentecost story in acts is the last mention of Mary in the scripture.

  1. The gospel that features Mary most is the gospel written by St Luke.