Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Opening Day

Opening Day

On the 21st of February we had the opening of Saint Pius X School. 

Here are some of the questions in my mind. 

Why was I excited?

I liked all the dancing, even the Samoan one.

What part was I proud of?

I was proud of singing with  Sateki and his group.

When was I nervous?

I was not nervous.

What was I surprised about?

I was surprised at  Bishop Pats speeches.


Wednesday, 5 August 2020


Waita  is associated with the ocean, and food sources within it. 

Waitai is a ocean.

Food from the ocean is: 

fish stingrays, gold red fish, glass guppy,

Shellfish:  lobster, crab,   killer whale, roster fish,


We travel on the ocean with:

Bouts   jet scess  court ships

Sea fishes – Vinnoria Trading Corporation, Company | all.bizOcean Animal Encyclopedia | Oceana

Tuesday, 16 June 2020


The Seal 
A seal is a only stays in cold area like north atlantic it stays a  little time on land it stays in chilly water and eats fish and     crustaceans 

It looks like a clean cute fluffy seal  

It lives at  North Atlantic

Polar bears,  Killer whales, Sharks and Walruses

Seals feed on fish and crustaceans redfish,krill, prawns,
eel, octopus

Life cycle 
About the seals  carboa  sphere affected weakness calculated

Interesting facts 
Harp seals can live for an estimated 30 years 

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Celebrating Samoan Language Week

Celebrating Samoan Language Week

Last week Saint PiusX School celebrated Samoan Language Week. We watched a movie about samoan people climbing trees to get coconuts, making fire with sticks so they can cook their food, and making sure that the rocks are just right so the food doesn't burn.  They don't use glad wrap or foil, they use leaves to wrap food like fish, taro and corned beef. 

Next movie was called the silent one. It was six episodes about a boy who is silent. Everyone thought that it wasn't going to rain if the silent one was there`but they were wrong.

The last thing was we had to practice a samoan dance.  We practiced with our teacher Mr Gaffney.  We all got split into groups, in our group we had only boys. When it was Friday we were ready to show our dancing to the school. I thought it was adults but it was children from downstairs only some adults came but not many of them. It was an awesome week.